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2016 Excellence Award Nominees



Victoria Shanahan, Allerton House at Central Park
Victoria is a positive person and knowledgeable nurse who provides a good quality of life to all she encounters. 

Laurie Albanese, Atria Merrimack Place
Laurie is an outstanding Engage Life program instructor. She consistently puts the needs of others—whether it be a resident or staff—first, and always with a smile and a positive attitude.

Dianne Aziz, Atria Merrimack Place
Dianne exemplifies leadership, teamwork and resident-centered care in every way; we are grateful she shares her gifts with us each day.

Allison Marshall, Atria Merrimack Place
Allison is a shining example of the Best Friends approach to memory care, which is championed by our community.

Rebecca Marshall, Atria Merrimack Place
Becky is an excellent role model for her peers, and exemplifies the Best Friends approach to dementia care; we are so fortunate she works with us!

Ofelia Agudelo, Atrium at Cardinal Drive
Ofelia is a dedicated and treasured leader due to her passion for caring for the memory-impaired and her dedication to honoring the lives of our residents and treating them with appreciation, love and respect.

Deborah Kroboth, Avita of Newburyport
Debbie is an inspirational and loving caregiver in every facet of her life, and we feel so fortunate to have her as a support system for our residents, their families and our associates.

Nichole Demarco, Bayberry at Emerald Court
Nichole is very much a resident advocate and model employee.

Kelly Arnao, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Kelly is the new way to go! How she will make a difference not only in your lives but in the lives that she leads!

Mary Lesa Brady, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Mary brings creativity, culture and fun to the community each and every day!

Jose Merida, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Jose defines what leadership and excellence should be!

Louise Loguidice, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings
Louise is the most caring, compassionate person I have met. She is a gift to the Benchmark family.

Ada Delaney, Benchmark Senior Living at Leominster Crossings
Ada is a great example of a compassionate, quality caregiver and team member.

Kelsey Ryan LPN, Benchmark Senior Living at Plymouth Crossings
Kelsey has grown tremendously, not only from a resident care assistant to a nurse, but also into a mentor.

Holly Joslyn, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
Holly continually demonstrates her compassion when caring for residents, her meticulous nature when assisting with medications and her selflessness when staying late or covering shifts.

Louis Leary, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
Louis continually demonstrates kindness and compassion for residents, and always with a soft touch, kind word and calming presence.

Joan Venuto, Brookdale Dedham
Joan is our answer to the old Cheers philosophy, "You go where everyone knows your name." No matter who you are, you will be greeted with a smiling face and find a new friend.

Luyima Wycliff, Cadbury Commons at Cambridge
Luyima Wycliff is an extraordinary dining room manager. Serving more than just food, he works hard at taking care of the whole person.

Debra (Debbie) Smith, Cape Cod Senior Residence at Pocasset
Debbie is one of the most caring people that I have ever met and I am blessed to call her my friend.

Hugo Veliz, Carriage House at Lee's Farm
Hugo's love of high-quality food choices and his inherent care and compassion make him an invaluable member of our team. 

Antoinette Bailey, COMPASS on the Bay
Antoinette truly embodies the phrase "making a difference" when caring for residents and takes great pride in her leadership role.

Christine Montique, Corcoran House
Christine's leadership and dedication is a motivating example for residents, their families, the resident care team and our associates, and a beacon of light that every resident care director should follow.

Julie Wade, Cornerstone at Canton
Julie provides life-enriching programming to our residents, not activities. Each program needs to have purpose and passion. She engages our residents, our staff and our families with her inspiring outlook and loving, positive attitude.

Oxane Leveque, Goddard House Assisted Living in Brookline
Oxane is a remarkable care partner. As residents like to say, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T—that is what Oxane means to me."

Mary Beth Sibbio, Harbor Point at Centerville
Mary Beth was simply born to be a senior care nurse.

Marilyn Hollis, Heritage at Framingham
Marilyn has a gentle soul and a caring spirit that allows her to provide outstanding customer service.

Joshua Freitas, LCB Senior Living
Josh is changing the world of healthcare and dementia.

Halliday Andrade, Neville Place at Fresh Pond
Halliday has shared his life and family to improve residents’ quality of life through the simple joy of walking in nature. He thoughtfully gives the gift of his time.

Alice Williams, Neville Place at Fresh Pond
Alice is very deserving of recognition because of all the good that she does for people.

Tony Leak, Seasons of Danvers
Tony is an integral part of our team. His problem-solving abilities and pure compassion for all—peers, families and residents—make him a pleasure to know.

Merlyn Chambers, Springhouse
Merlyn sets the benchmark for excellence. She is an inspiration to anyone who meets her.

Jean Aikins, Tatnuck Park at Worcester
Jean makes a difference every day she works and we are lucky to have her here!

Donald Fitzpatrick, Tatnuck Park at Worcester
Donald is a blessing to have in our community. Thank you, Donald.

Lucila Guerrero, The Residence at Pearl Street
The day that Lucy joined us, she brought a new light and energy to the entire community.

Patty Smith, The Residence at Valley Farm
Patty puts her residents above all else, and always with a smile and a kind word!

Jessica McKenney, The Village at Willow Crossing
Jessica serves our residents not only three wonderful meals a day, but also a sense of purpose, pride and passion to all!

Patricia Miles, The Village at Willow Crossing
Thank you, Patti, for making a difference in our residents’ lives every day by doing what you refer to as "God's work."

Grace Yeboah, Whitney Place at Northborough
Grace is perfectly named, as that is what she exhibits at all times while she delivers extraordinary care to our residents.

Amanda Houle, Whitney Place at Northbridge
Amanda makes our community better through her compassion and dedication.


Bud Tabor, Allerton House at Central Park
Bud demonstrates kindness, knowledge, hard work and leadership every day.

Maricruz Cruz, Atrium at Cardinal Drive
Maria is a loyal and respected leader due to her passion for caring for the memory-impaired and her dedication to mentoring others in understanding that a disease does not define a person and that everyone deserves love, compassion and to be valued.

Rachael Brodeur, Autumn Glen at Dartmouth
Wellness Nurse Rachael is more than a smiling face and friendly demeanor, more than a strong and efficient leader, more than a trustworthy teacher and professional—she literally gives everything she has and takes immense pride in ensuring we are the best assisted living community there is.

Barry Jorress, Avita of Needham
Barry leads by example and personifies hospitality and joy while working cooperatively with all team members, residents and families in our memory care community.

Amanda Francis, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Amanda is a ray of sunshine whose number-one priority is a united team!

Larry Priestly, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Larry lives by the motto "Do your job" and always does his best!

Olivia Hasham, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings
Olivia is the embodiment of great customer service, strong leadership and outstanding teamwork, which definitely sets the example for everyone who works here.

Katherine Tansey, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings
Kate is a FANTASTIC nurse. We wouldn't be "Disney" without her!

Stephen Venuti LPN, Benchmark Senior Living at Plymouth Crossings
Steve is the heart and spirit of our community.

Susan Lambert, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
Susan consistently lives the Benchmark values, making it personal every step of the way.

Brizida Koci , Boylston Place at Chestnut Hill
As program director, Brizida works to enrich the lives of seniors living in our community. Her energy and compassion make our residents feel they are part of a community.

Devon Sicard, Boylston Place at Chestnut Hill
Devon displays a high standard of excellence in caring for seniors and families. Her passion to serve seniors and ensure the highest quality of care is provided to residents and families is unmatched.

Kim O'Connell, Brightview Country Club Heights
100% occupancy, thanks to 100% commitment by a truly gifted director.

Linda McKillop, Chestnut Park at Cleveland Circle
Linda is my personal standard for excellence and compassion in all that nursing is. You have taught us all so much.

Eric Malone, COMPASS on the Bay
Eric is an extremely hard-working, dedicated leader who takes great pride in his accomplishments and who puts our residents' choices first and foremost.

Matt Lorditch, Cornerstone at Canton
Matt leads with his heart. His passion for getting the job done is evident in the work he does every day; bottom line is that he does what he says he's going to do and that type of integrity means all the difference to our residents and associates.

Jenna Worthington, Cornerstone at Canton
Jenna knows that the most important person in the community is the employee and goes above and beyond to help them grow as a team by building trust, respect and integrity between each associate.

Michael Nelson, Goddard House Assisted Living in Brookline
Mike works in our maintenance department and he understands that time spent fixing a resident's light switch is really more about connecting with the resident than it is about connecting wires.

Joshua Freitas, LCB Senior Living
Josh is highly respected among his peers and senior care professionals and I can’t think of a better deserving, more passionate professional than him.

Rosemary Martin, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
Rosemary is a compassionate and knowledgeable leader who gives her residents the priceless gift of security.

Sherie Kennedy, Sunrise Assisted Living of Lynnfield
Sherie is a champion and advocate for all our residents and also a great leader and nurse.

Kimberly Williamson, The Atrium at Drum Hill
Kimberly is the epitome of a caring, dedicated medical professional who's means know no bounds when it comes to caring for her residents, families and associates.

Matthew Torrance, The Residence at Five Corners
Matt is a great artist; his medium is not canvas, but the human soul. Thank you for shaping so many souls within our communities.

Yolanda Douglass, The Residence at Pearl Street
Yolanda's passion for seniors and those with memory loss is apparent each and every day by her attitude, focus and desire to provide only the best to the residents of our community.

Julie Grotto, The Residence at Riverbend
Julie, you are the heartbeat of your community. On behalf of your residents, thank you for all that you do.

Jennifer Naugler, The Residence at Watertown Square
Jennifer, you have made the world a better place.

Charlene Fay, White Oak Cottages at Fox Hill Village
Charlene is the heart of our community, bringing life and laughter and making the cottages a home.

Debra Boyden, Whitney Place at Natick
Debra’s commitment to creating, implementing and supporting innovative programs honoring the individual is unwavering.

Nina Quirk, Whitney Place at Natick
Nina’s daily commitment to excellence and tireless dedication to the residents, her team and the community as a whole are unparalleled.

Angela Plummer, Wingate Residences
Angela has an electrifying personality. Residents, staff and family members gravitate to her positive energy.


Paul Casale, Jr., Allerton House at Central Park
Paul sets the example for teamwork, excellence and outstanding customer service.

Beth Cardillo, Armbrook Village
Beth is an exceptionally fair, sincere, intelligent and dedicated executive director who leads by example. She has unlimited patience and compassion for every resident, treats every associate as a valued member of our community and inspires our greater community to find ways to work together to improve the quality of lives for seniors everywhere.

Kymberly Codair, Atria Merrimack Place
Kym is the hardworking and dedicated executive director whose team, over the last two years, has met or exceeded company, community and personal goals. She has led her team through difficult transitions and supported them to become a community filled with pride and determination to exceed expectations.

Jennifer LaCroix, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
Jennifer's presence has been a true blessing to the community.

Jake Quigley, Boylston Place at Chestnut Hill
Jake epitomizes all good things in our community and is one of the finest examples of an executive director.

Andy Eick, Brightview Country Club Heights
Our community is the Cheers of assisted living communities where everybody knows your name, and we credit Andy for that!

Michael Schaus, Cornerstone at Canton
We nominate Michael for his kindness, compassion, commitment and dedication to residents and staff.

Todd Raymond, Evans Park at Newton Corner
Todd is a one-of-a-kind, special individual with a servant's heart. His intelligence, leadership and work ethic combined with this heart is what separates him from the crowd.

Richard Tavares, Landmark at Fall River
Richard exemplifies what an executive director is by leading an enthusiastic, engaged team of employees who support their residents in living a happy and productive life.

Sharon Amadon, RiverCourt Residences
Sharon has been a big influence creating a better environment for our residents.

Steve Ostrander, Sunrise Assisted Living of Lynnfield
Steve Ostrander is a hands-on executive director who would never ask his team to do something that he wouldn't do himself.

Anne Deminico, The Village at Willow Crossings
Anne is her name, culture is her game—creating a warm, positive and homelike environment for all who enter our doors! It is an honor and privilege to work for this dynamic woman.

Catherine A. Jackson, Winchester Mount Vernon House
Catherine is a positive inspiration for the residents, their families, the staff and community. Her dedication to helping seniors is amazing.


Karen Custodio, EPOCH Assisted Living of Norton
Karen, wellness director, is our falls czar!


Jill Ramsdell, Atria Merrimack Place
Jill's talent, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and compassion have no limits.

Roberta Graffam, Avita of Needham
Roberta demonstrates our philosophy of care: "We believe that a resident does not lose his or her dignity, autonomy or ability to contribute meaningfully to the community as a result of memory-related dementia."

Debra Shapiro, Avita of Newburyport
Montessori for Generations is just one of the many creative, thoughtful and successful programs Debra has developed to bring laughter, love, purpose and joy to our residents.

Leslie Patten, Benchmark Senior Living at Forge Hill
Leslie goes beyond the call of duty to bring beautiful, meaningful art to our community.

Joy McNeill, Benchmark Senior Living at Shrewsbury Crossings
The Shrewsbury Crossings Harbor is a better place with Joy in it!

John Moniz III, Goddard House Assisted Living in Brookline
Not only does John think outside the box about programs like the farm, he’s the one who’s busy inventing the next new box—the next new standard for our field.

Patricia Harris, Heritage at Framingham
Patricia, a resident, provided her expertise and assistance to create and implement a successful and innovative writers group.

Karl Osterlund, Heritage at Framingham
Karl, a resident, hosts a biweekly history program for his fellow residents, setting an example that you are never too old to learn!

Joshua Freitas, LCB Senior Living
Josh is changing the world of healthcare and dementia by adding an element of heart, passion, creativity, scientifically sound material and inspiration to this field.

Laurie Morency, RiverCourt Residences
Life Enrichment Director Laurie brings her passion and excitement to our memory care residents daily through her innovative and interactive programming.

Gary Poholek, Traditions of Dedham
It only takes one man to make a difference. Gary, you are that difference.

Lasonta Stewart, Traditions of Wayland
Lasonta, you are the voice of life for so many residents.

Jennifer Gelinas, The Residence at Cedar Dell
Jennifer, you are a talented and remarkable person. Thank you for always pushing the boundaries of resident engagement.

Abirna Kelly, The Residence at Five Corners
Abrina, you are that bright light that make the world a better place. 

Emily-Ann Beauchemin, The Residence at Valley Farm
Emily, your drive, dedication, passion and ability to teach is what make everything you do so successful.

Laura Friis, The Residence at Valley Farm
Laura is innovative, compassionate and completely dedicated to enhancing the lives of all who surround her.

Shannon Connell, White Oak Cottages at Fox Hill Village
Shannon is innovative, passionate and determined to improve the quality of life of our elders.


Brian Danaher, Benchmark Senior Living
Brian represents the best of civic engagement and advocacy in the cause of assisted living.

Julie Lombardo RN, Benchmark Senior Living
Julie is a career nurse and an advocate for the families, residents and professionals who believe assisted living communities provide a wonderful quality of life for millions of seniors every day.

Fran Rybicki RN, Benchmark Senior Living
Fran is a career nurse and regional director of resident care.


Patricia Busch, Atria Merrimack Place
Pat is the embodiment of a goodwill ambassador. The level of caring, consideration and empathy for her fellow residents is inspiring to all.

Jo-an Comick, Atria Merrimack Place
Jo-an is an invaluable ambassador. She is a wonderful example of a kind, caring, involved citizen.

Joseph O'Neil, Benchmark Senior Living at Haverhill Crossings
Joseph is an exceptional resident ambassador and has significantly impacted the day-to-day lives of our staff and residents in a positive way.

Peggy Murnane, Brookdale Dedham
Peggy is often called "our president," and her large heart and generous spirit are felt by all of us.

Harry Steinberg, Brookdale Quincy Bay
Harry is the fun guy who makes the best of a situation.

Teresa Tybus, Brookdale Quincy Bay
Teresa is fun and enjoys life, which is contagious.

Betty Bagedonow, Cadbury Commons at Cambridge
Betty B. is a wonderful woman whose initiative, friendliness, caring and social awareness has inspired residents and employees. We love you, Betty!

Theresa DeSalvo, Carriage House at Lee's Farm
Terry is a resident who truly embodies our spirit of "Live Well, Love Life."

Adele Goodkin, Goddard House
Adele is our gentle giant, reminding, inspiring, validating and supporting the value of each resident regardless of age or ability.

Bill Needleman, Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates
Bill is an inspiration to others. He exudes joy and happiness and most importantly passes it along to others. You cannot be in Bill’s presence without feeling his energy.

Leslie Van Etten, Heritage at Framingham
Leslie, a resident and a retired nurse, makes a difference in our community by her acts of kindness. She goes out of her way to help other residents with healthy, dignified living. 

Marilyn Lewko, Stonebridge at Burlington
Marilyn exemplifies the true meaning of the holiday season. 

Sydney Hodson, The Residence at Pearl Street
Sydney is a spirited and passionate leader in the community.

Anna Standley, The Village at Willow Crossings
Anna, you are an amazing lady that makes a difference every day in the lives of others by sharing your joy, compassion and love.



Elena Leon, Atrium at Cardinal Drive
Elena, our maven of marketing, doesn’t view memory impairments as a disability—she views them as an opportunity for people to live in the moment and have those moments be filled with joy, success, love and laughter. 

Dawn Marie Johnson, Boylston Place at Chestnut Hill
Dawn works tirelessly to be an advocate and serve as a resource for seniors and their families who are faced with the difficult decision of finding the right senior living community.

Helen Gallagher, Brookdale Quincy Bay
Helen personified the caring approach that should be the hallmark of everybody in senior living. 

Debbie Hyson, Harbor Point at Centerville
Debbie is a beacon of light for residents and families needing guidance and support when choosing senior living and memory care.

Amy Lucas, The Residence at Valley Farm
One of the most respected sales professionals in senior living today, Amy’s heart to serve, complimented by her immense talent and knowledge, facilitated her community becoming a destination for individuals with frontotemporal dementia and young-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Jessica Brook, Traditions of Wayland
"Grow older, feel younger" is Jessica's motto and it makes everyone feel positive about what we do.

Lynda Chuckran, Welch Healthcare & Retirement Group
Lynda's warmth, compassion and humor bring a smile to all of those who have the pleasure to work with her.

Patricia Culbert, Wingate Residences at Silver Lake
Pat exemplifies education as the cornerstone of good marketing, and like a good teacher will not accept failure at any level.


Bruce and Grace Janek, Avita of Needham
We could not be more grateful to Bruce and Grace for enhancing and enriching the lives of our residents.

Amy Lucas, Avita of Newburyport
Amy has brought compassion and generosity to residents with her one-on-one attention to residents, horse therapy program and many gifts from the heart.

Paul Corriveau, Cape Cod Senior Residences at Pocasset
Paul is a volunteer who helps our residents in the development of possibly the most important part of life: the development of mind, body and spirit. He is a true gift of faith to the entire community!

Kathie Zeman, Heritage at Framingham
Kathie, a volunteer since 2013, has blessed us with her musical talent and has played such a huge part in making our choral group fun and successful for residents.

Rebecca Lekowski, Rogerson House
Rebecca is dedicated to our residents—she laughs and cries with them, creates art with them and spreads her love of life and good cheer so that each resident feels special.

Trevor Moodie, Springhouse
Trevor is a committed and caring volunteer who has united the community though his prayer services by promoting love, acceptance and spiritual wellbeing while bringing joy to our residents, families and staff alike.

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